Day 22: Motion Shot + Lensmob = Introduction to Motion Diagrams


Students used the Sony Motion Shot app (iOS/Android) to create time-lapse photos of the following motions: fast constant speed, slow constant speed, increasing speed, and decreasing speed. They then emailed the photos to my Lensmob photo album so we could see and discuss everyone’s photos. (I set up an album for each period.) This was a nice lead-in to motion diagrams.

Day 21: Learning Lists in VPython


Students are working through 2 tutorials on making and using lists in VPython:

Day 20: Is There A Speeding Problem In Front Of The School?


Students video cars driving past the school and analyze in Logger Pro.

Day 19: Your Normal Approach Is Useless Here


Gauss’s Law? We’re saving that for the end of the semester. Taking a cue from Matter and Interactions, we’re applying reasoning to these AP problems rather than hunting for equations.

Day 18: Inventing Velocity-Time Graphs


(I’m still home today. This was from a few days ago.) Instead of me lecturing or giving notes about velocity-time graphs, students used mini-whiteboards to predict what the graphs would look like for several scenarios involving a buggy moving in front of a motion detector. Here’s the handout: WORKSHEET Drawing Velocity Time Graphs 2015

Day 17: How Fast is a Ping-Pong Ball Cannon?


Direct Measurement Video + Desmos!

Day 16: Always, Sometimes, Never


(This is actually from yesterday, but I’m home today with my kids.) I learned about the “Always, Sometimes, Never” from math teacher Fawn Nguyen. It’s a great framework for addressing nuances and students’ partial conceptions.


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