Day 7: Webcam = Document Camera


Today I rigged my Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 as a document camera. Just had to install Yawcam software to make the camera image go full screen. Yawcam also plays nicely with my SmartBoard – pick up the pen and you can draw on the screen and capture to Notebook. I hope this will make sharing student work on paper much easier.


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3 responses to “Day 7: Webcam = Document Camera”

  1. D.I. von Briesen says :

    I’m looking for an easy screen annotating software. I installed yawcam today based on this post- i’d been looking for a simple "monitor" mode to use with the webcams I have, including yours and the microsoft lifecam. However, i don’t have the smart software, and when i spoke with them last it costs almost as much alone as one of their solutions. Can you recommend something for annotating, as you’ve done in your picture? I would typically record with jing or screencastomatic. Also looking for a way to switch between two cameras- one for the desk, another for the teacher’s face (for online lectures).Keep up the good work- already mentioned you briefly in my blog.

  2. Anonymous says :

    <p>Have you looked at ZoomIt? I am not familiar, but it seems to do what you want for annotation. I have no solution for your two camera question, though.</p> <p>Thanks for stopping by!<br> &gt;</p>

  3. Kim Cowling says :

    I mainly focus on text. I find that the C910 creates "skyholes" (excessive brightness in and around letters) which looks like excessive sharpness, which can be more distracting than blurriness, IMO. Also, there’re often artifacts and digitization problems. Do you know how to minimize these phenomena?Any help would be greatly appreciated.(Note: My PC has a high resolution graphics card. I display on a 1080p 55" TV; unfortunately its screen is gloss finish. I run through an HDMI cable.)The display on my matte finish monitor (LCD-LED like the TV) is often better/less sharp. I have to run the monitor DVI b/c the TV occupies the PC’s HDMI.Again, I’d be extremely thankful for any advice. If not that, then ideas for resource people or sites that could help would be great. Thanks.

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