Day 41: Shadowing as a Capstone


A few weeks ago, I had a student ask me if it would be OK to shadow her dad for her capstone. Her dad is a producer at Blue Sky Studios, the computer animation studio which created the Ice Age movies. She heard there was some physics involved in computer animation, and wanted to find out more. Though not a “traditional” capstone investigation, I wasn’t going to deny her this unique opportunity.

Her experience was nothing short of amazing. She found out what her dad really does at work, was in awe of the complexity of the animation process from idea to final movie, and had a great bonding experience with her dad.

She was able to tie in the Constant Velocity Particle Model, motion maps, and motion graphs to the animation process. She is so excited by her experience that she wants to continue investigating the intersection of physics and the arts for future capstones.


About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

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