Day 46: Mass-Weight Model + 2 New Capstone Ideas


Today we wrapped up the mass-weight lab and shared results.

“What does the slope of the graph mean?”

“Why doesn’t the graph have a y-intercept?”

“What would the graph look like if we repeated the experiment on the moon?”

Which then lead to an interesting conversation about moon gravity and two capstone ideas:

1. Design/modify a sport to be played on the moon. Support your (new) rules with physics.

2. Design and build a demo that would allow a person to “feel” gravity on different planets. (One suggestion: Modify 9 soda cans so to weigh what they would on each of the planets.)


About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

One response to “Day 46: Mass-Weight Model + 2 New Capstone Ideas”

  1. millerphysics says :

    I love the idea of playing sports on different planets. I use it as a writing prompt for students after reading Ch 1 in Physics of Superheroes

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