Day 47: Think Aloud


AP students had a question from their homework. I don’t have time to work out all the problems out ahead of time anymore, though. This one was a bit tricky, and I wasn’t quite sure of the path to the solution. So I modeled a think aloud. Sure enough, I made a few mistakes (students caught them), asked them a few questions when I was unsure (they answered), and went down some unknown paths (they helped me find the way).

We were successful in the end. Though I’m not sure whether everyone found it helpful. Particularly in AP, where there are lots of “tricks” for solving problems, I’m always debating how much for me to do and how much for them to do. (For example, my students didn’t know you can divide two equations to eliminate variables. They thought you always had to solve one and substitute.)


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HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

One response to “Day 47: Think Aloud”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Frank, How do you feel about using videos for modeling thinking aloud in this case? I would want to couple videos with an accountability tool like an HTML form (like google forms) where I would have them extend the idea modelled and submit some kind of answer to some questions. For example if I modelled a derivation of v(t) for linear air resistance I would have students then derive x(t) as the follow up (just an idea) and submit their equation. Or perhaps if I solved a system without friction, and modelled it, they would solve it with friction or perhaps with kinetic friction if I did it with static friction…

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