Day 63: Modeling Air Resistance


AP Physics C: Collecting data to determine the relationship between
velocity and air resistance for falling coffee filters. Later, we’ll
write a program in VPython to test our model and compare it with our
experimental data.


About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

2 responses to “Day 63: Modeling Air Resistance”

  1. rob spencer says :

    Frank,I have two questions. One: Are you teaching both mechanics and EandM while integrating VPython? I tried integrating VPython with my C class about 5 years ago but it was too much for me and my students that year.Two: My students did a similar lab this year but I couldn’t find the big filters anywhere. At my former school, I had a bunch of the big filters…didn’t think to bring any to my new school. When it came time to get the filters for the lab, I visited two grocery stores and WalMart and struck out. Did you purchase these bigger filters this year? If so, where?Thanks. I think your photo a day is very cool!Rob Spencer

  2. Anonymous says :

    Hi Rob,We teach AP Physics C (Mech and E&M) as a second-year course. Most students took AP Physics B the previous year. I focus mainly on content new to them and do not review things from last year (e.g., kinematics, projectile motion). This has freed up some time. We purchased the big filters from PA$CO. Sure it’s probably more expensive, but it’s the only place I know that sells them:

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