Day 68: Naked Egg Drop


From a colleague's physics class: Students must design a device to safely catch a falling egg. The device which catches the egg from the heighest drop height wins. All students are given the same set of materials: styrofoam plates, paper cups, manilla folders, string, 2 meters of tape, plastic shopping bags, paper, etc. Last year when I did this project, I had students produce a brief report in an attempt to tie the activity to my SBG learning goals.
Reminds me of what @mr_abud and @mr_pata are doing in their physics classes by incorporating design elements and design thinking. Two examples they've done this year are the Marshamallow Catapult (which is then used to study projectile motion),??Soda Bottle Rockets (Newton's Third Law, Constant Acceleration)??and the Cardboard Carrier (force analysis).
For other great ideas see this presentation from Philip Hubbard, Nathan Finney, and Andrew Stillman??about how math, physics, and engineering class collaborate on projects at Columbia Secondary.
I would love to include more engineering/design projects like these in my classes.

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One response to “Day 68: Naked Egg Drop”

  1. Chija Bauer says :

    This is great!! I love doing these engineering projects in class, I often do these little projects in class. The kids love them, and so do I.

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