Day 80: Periodic Table Project


I wanted to share some student work from a colleague who teaches conceptual chemistry. Today was the due date for their periodic table project. The purpose was to help students see how the period table shows trends. For the project, students had to make their own periodic table, making sure there trends across rows and columns.

I will be taking over his section of the conceptual chemistry class in two weeks. Nervously looking forward to learning side-by-side with the students! (This will be my first time teaching chemistry.)

About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

7 responses to “Day 80: Periodic Table Project”

  1. pshircliff says :

    Chemistry is just Physics in another form

  2. Anonymous says :

    Why are you taking over chem in the middle of the year?

  3. Anonymous says :

    The conceptual science classes are split into half-year courses. So there’s Chemistry 1 (Fall) and Chemistry 2 (spring). This is done to make scheduling easier. Students typically sign up for both semesters.

  4. Anonymous says :

    That’s a good way to do it. Also, I’m sure you will be as great with <br/>teaching chemistry as you are with teaching physics.

  5. Brad Wysocki says :

    Great project. I’ve been having students do the same thing in my Chemistry classes for several years. It always amazes me the intererest and creativity of my students after this project.

  6. carmichaels says :

    Does anyone have a rubric for this to share?

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