Day 110: Chemistry Changes


So based on the feedback I got from chemistry students before February Break (see Day 102), I'm dropping the OPPS curriculum (for now?) and switching to ASU's Modeling curriculum. We started our first lab today — investigating possible mass changes for 6 different scenarios. Before we began, however, I asked students to make predictions in their Do Now notebook and they shared their predictions and reasoning.

I hope this goes a bit more smoothly….


About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

3 responses to “Day 110: Chemistry Changes”

  1. John Burk says :

    Frank,Do you have students keep a do now notebook just for do nows? Can you talk a bit more about how you run these?

  2. Anonymous says :

    Do Now notebooks were started in the biology classes a year or so ago. It’s a notebook that is kept in class. A small portion of a student’s grade comes from having a complete notebook. So this was something my students were used to doing last year in biology and last semester in chemistry with the other conceptual chemistry teacher. I decided to keep the routine. I’ll likely have my chem students keep their lab data in their Do Now notebooks as well.

  3. Ms Bethea says :

    I was wondering if you’d go this route. Good luck!

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