Day 111: Differentiated Projectile Practice


Our projectile launcher mounted on the edge of the counter made for a great differentiated projectile practice problem. Students were given the launch height, launch velocity, and launch angle. The “standard” problem was to calculate the range when the projectile returns the same level as the launch height. The advanced problem was to calculate were it would hit the floor. Kids chose which problem they wanted to work on. At the end of class, we tested their answers in a single launch: a ring was placed at the location for the range predicted by the standard problem and a can was placed on the floor at the predicted location for the advanced problem. So awesome to see the ball go through the ring and into the can in one shot!


About Frank Noschese

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4 responses to “Day 111: Differentiated Projectile Practice”

  1. MrTschwall says :

    Did the same thing last Friday. So awesome.

  2. John Novak says :

    what launcher did you use?

  3. Anonymous says :

    We used Pasco’s short range launcher. I had to launch the ball first myself (before class) to see where it would land, and then work backwards to determine the launch velocity of the ball for the problem for the kids.

  4. Anonymous says :

    This is the one with three preload settings for different launch velocities? Did you have the plunger depressed completely (to the third click)?

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