Day 120: Density Lab Practicum

1. False Advertising?
The local supermarket claims its heavy duty aluminum foil is twice as thick as regular aluminum foil. Determine the thickness of each type of foil. Is the supermarket telling the truth?

2. Indy's Mistake
What was Indy's mistake when he swapped the gold statute with the bag of sand? How much sand (mass and volume) should he have used? [HT to Ramsey Musallam for this idea.]



About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

5 responses to “Day 120: Density Lab Practicum”

  1. Steve says :

    They actually have to have a good grasp on density first. Good activity that requires massing and measuring length in 2 dimensions. Do you use electronic balances or triple beam?

  2. Frank Noschese says :

    Steve: We did this as a lab practicum at the end of the unit.

  3. Frank Noschese says :

    We use electronic balances.

  4. John Burk says :

    Do you give them some statue to find the volume of as an approximate of the indy statue?

  5. Anonymous says :

    Have you thought of using this one? know a pretty cool guy that worked on it…

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