Day 124: Eureka!

In chemistry, we've been watching the occasional video from the animated science series “Eureka!” I didn't know about this series until I read through the modeling chemistry materials.

These videos are incorporated into lessons AFTER the requisite “exploration” and “invention” stages. What I like about the videos (so far):
*they follow a distinct storyline, which is important for model building
* they animate microscopic processes (which can be hard to draw on a static chalkboard)
* they don't complicate the model anymore than necessary (e.g., when showing particles for solids, liquids, and gases, the particles just solid lumps — not atoms with nuclei and electron clouds)
* they are short — under 5 minutes long

Here's the entire playlist for the “Heat and Temperature” unit:

NOTE: Cautionary notes for using Eureka! videos in modeling chemistry and physics:

There are also Eureka! videos in physics (force and motion), but I haven't watched them yet.


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