Day 125: FCI Post-Test Results


Today in college-prep physics, students took the FCI post test. The result is plotted on the graph from Hake’s famous study. It’s the green square with the blue halo (just above the 0.34 line). I had an average gain of 0.35 this year, N=29. Included in the average gain was a student whose score didn’t change and another student whose score dropped by one question. I should also note that 8 students were absent for the post-test, and 2 other students had missed the pre-test, so those 10 students could not be included.

Average pre-score: 21%
Average post-score: 48%
Hake gain: 0.35

It’s nice to be included with the other green dots (interactive engagement), but I know I have a loooong way to go. Whole class discourse/discussion is definately my weakest area.

I also have Lawson tests which need to be scored. And hopefully I’ll have FCI post-tests from the 8 absent students. So I’ll likely post an update.


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One response to “Day 125: FCI Post-Test Results”

  1. Edwin Ulmer says :

    Neat! Did you any increases on midterms and finals too?

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