Day 131: Using CamScanner and Evernote to Easily Post Boardwork


Today is quiz day, so I'll share this trick I've been using in my chemistry class to easily upload board work for kids to access.

1. Use my phone's CamScanner app (paid version) to take pictures of boardwork (mine and theirs), worksheet answer keys, etc., during class.
2. CamScanner is automatically cropping and enhancing the images in the background.
3. At the end of class, review the photos and make any necessary edits.
4. Save the scanned photos as a PDF and share the to my Chemistry notebook in Evernote.
5. Add any additional info to the Evernote note (usually links to videos shown in class or simulations used).
6. Upload the note to the Chemistry notebook.

Since my Evernote chemistry notebook is public, I've posted the link to the notebook on our class page in our school's LMS.

Bonus: If you have a class website, you can grab the RSS feed for the public Evernote notebook, feed it through RSS2HTML ( ) , grab the embed code, and put it in your website to show a link to each new uploaded note automatically.


About Frank Noschese

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One response to “Day 131: Using CamScanner and Evernote to Easily Post Boardwork”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I’ve been using Ricoh’s Whiteboard Share app. it’s free and publishes directly to Evernote.

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