Day 138: Testing Predictions for the Hot Wheels Challenge

The assignment that grades itself!
To be fair, friction played a large enough role that the cars fell short of their intended target. To show them that their projectile solution really works, we used a BeeSpi photogate timer to get the actual speed of the toy car as it left the table. After quick recalculation of the range, the cars landed in the cup no problem. I put some "no bounce foam" in the bottom of the cup to keep the car from bouncing out.
BeeSpi photogate timer (just as wide as the Hot Wheels track):
Hmm… It looks like PASCO doesn't sell no bounce foam anymore 😦

About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

3 responses to “Day 138: Testing Predictions for the Hot Wheels Challenge”

  1. John Burk says :

    you can order memory foam minus the crazy PASCO markup <a href=";shape=1">here</a&gt;.

  2. pshircliff says :

    nice find with the timer…thanks….I have some Vernier photogates, but they take work on the kids part (actually subtracting to find delta t)

  3. TechTas says :

    Cool little timerI need one to time student built model cars we build:

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