Day 161: Trip to Six Flags


Today was the AP Physics trip to Six Flags New England. It was the best year yet. Kids showed up on time, no traffic on the way there, short waits for rides, all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, the whole group stayed together the entire time, and Twisty’s ice cream on the way home. And of course, physics.

While most physics trips to amusement parks focus on the rides (and I did collect some data using the Physics Gizmo app from Broken Airplane on my phone), my students were most interested in the physics behind the carnival games that were eating up their money.

The Ball Toss — the ball must hit the board and bounce into the basket below.


Knock the Blocks Over — all 3 blocks must leave the table

Crane Game — pick up the prize with the crane

Ring Toss

Ladder Climb — get both feet on the red ladder rung (2nd from top)

EXTRA CREDIT: From the video, determine the length of the bungee cord using TWO different methods.


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HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

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