Day 182: Tweet-up


So this post bends the 180 boundary a bit because this isn’t directly about school, but I have learned so much from these folks via Twitter and their blogs, that their influence on my classroom is undeniable.

In no particular order:
Shawn Cornally @ThinkThankThunk
Sam Shah @samjshah
Greg Hitt @sarcasymptote
Justin Lanier @j_lanier
Paul Salomon @lostinrecursion
Patrick Honner @MrHonner
Liz Etmansfield @etmansfield
Rosy @rosysatt
Matthew Moran @MatthewPMoran
Evan Wienberg @emwdx
Joseph Kremer @josephlkremer
Eric @BrklynSurfer
Vik @BlueHarvestFdbk

We may not have solved all of education’s problems tonight, but I had a blast anyway. You all are just as awesome in person!



About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

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