Day 183: Using Blue Harvest for Teacher Evaluations


Thanks to NY’s win for Race to the Top money, we find ourselves in a big mess involving teacher evaluations, which deserves a whole separate  blog post….

Anyway, part of the evaluation process (that we developed locally in our district) involves each teacher submitting 28 pieces of evidence to the principal (each year!) for 24 different teaching standards that are based on Charlotte Danielson’s A Framework for Teaching. With 100 teachers in my building, that’s an overwhelming 2800 pieces of evidence for the principal to look at. I thought Blue Harvest would be a great way to help collect, organize, and carry-on a conversation about those pieces of evidence, rather than each teacher handing in a bulky portfolio/binder or emailing attachments to the principal.

As part of the Blue Harvest National Tour, Shawn Cornally and Vik stopped by my school today to talk with me and one of our Assistant Superintendents about using Blue Harvest for teachers to submit their pieces of evidence. It was a great conversation and I’m glad to see our administration looking to make the evaluation process fair, yet as painless as possible, so us teachers can keep our time and energy focused on students.


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