Day T-5: A Cleaner YouTube


I have found a combo of 2 Chrome browser extensions to make browsing and watching YouTube videos much cleaner and less distracting. Great for showing videos in class!

  • — Cleans up just about everything around a YouTube Video. Also gives you a link if you wish to share the clean video with someone who doesn’t have the extension. Useful for sharing YouTube links with students. What this plug-in doesn’t do, however, is remove ads within the video nor does it remove the recommended videos at the end. So, we also need…
  • YouTube Options for Google Chrome — Cleans up the ads and popups within videos and removes in-video recommendations at the the end. But does’t clean up Subscriptions, Ads, and Featured videos from the YouTube home page, which is why you also need requires a manual install, which isn’t complicated. After you download the extension, visit the extensions settings page in Chrome. Then drag the extension file from the download toolbar at the bottom left up onto the extensions page. This will manually install

Can’t install Chrome and/or extensions on your school computer? Then get Portable Chrome. It runs right off your USB drive or your network (H:) drive.

I’m looking forward to a less distracting year!


About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

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