Day 1: Illegal Spaghetti Tower?


The rules for the Marshmallow Challenge say the tower must be free-standing. I interpret this to mean that the tower legs can't be taped to the table. (However, in the corresponding TED talk, the towers are taped to the tables.) Anyway, this group tried to get around that stipulation by threading tower legs under spaghetti that was taped to the table. So technically, the tower itself was not taped down.

Legal or not, I can see this will be a fun group of students.


About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

5 responses to “Day 1: Illegal Spaghetti Tower?”

  1. Steve says :

    As I also noticed the TED talk has them taped down, I allow it. Without this the students don’t quite have as much fun. 🙂

  2. paul shircliff says :

    I allow tape down also

  3. Anonymous says :

    ted talk? marshmallow tower? this sounds awesome. must try with students.

  4. crazedmummy says :

    Mine tried to use the crack between the table, they taped the string to the table to hold up the spaghetti – anything other than free-standing! My favorite were the girls who did not give up after their fourth collapse, and, in the last minute, jammed little pieces of spaghetti into the base of the marshmallow to make it more than zero above the table.

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