Day 16: Energy Toys


Started pie charts today. Used these toys to develop progression from identifying energy stored by object to the need for naming the different flavors of energy.

1. Hoverpuck and launcher: Energy stored in rubber band –> energy stored in puck.

2. Pull back bunny car: Energy stored in car –> energy stored in car (uh oh)

Need for flavors. Introduce elastic and kinetic. Redo #1 and #2 in terms of elastic and kinetic.

Elastic energy stored in rubberband –> kinetic energy stored in puck.

Elastic energy stored in car –> kinetic energy stored in car.

3. Pop-up toys (popper, spring jumper, ice cream shooter): elastic energy stored in toy–> kinetic energy stored in toy –> ???

Need for gravitational energy. Contrast with using these toys in space (elastic to kinetic only). Kinetic energy decreases bc of earth's gravitational pull.

Elastic energy stored in toy –> kinetic energy stored in toy –> gravitational energy stored in toy (toy-earth interaction)

4. Hoverpuck (off, slides with friction) and launcher: Elastic in rubber band to kinetic in puck to ???

Introduce thermal energy… Video of infrared camera showing bike stopping on concrete. Demo showing diffusion of dye in cold vs hot water. PhET friction applet. Thermal energy = microscopic kinetic energy.

Elastic energy stored in puck –> kinetic energy stored in puck –> (delta) thermal stored in puck and table.


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One response to “Day 16: Energy Toys”

  1. bfuller181 says :

    have you combined the dropper popper with a ping pong ball? That always wakes ’em up.Other great energy toys: rail gun (magnetic accelerator), wooden duck that walks down a ramp at a constant speed, and the "AstroBlaster" combo of nested bouncy balls. Definitely my favorite unit for toys.

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