Archive | May 2, 2013

Day 143: Curly Electric Fields


AP Physics C: Today we started our discussion of Faraday’s Law. I used a great VPython program to illustrate how a steadily changing magnetic field produces as constant curly electric field. The light blue arrows show the solonoid’s magnetic field. The black arrow indicates the direction of the current in the solonoid. The dark blue arrows show the magnetic field through wire ring. The purple arrow shows the direction of the rate of change of the magnetic field through the ring. And the orange arrows show the non-coulomb curly electric field along the ring. This program, and lots more, are available in the instructor’s resources section of the Matter and Interactions website:

College-Prep Physics: We did a formal recap of what we learned from the light intensity lab and gravitational force lab. Inverse square laws! Then students did some more WebAssign work on light and gravity.

Conceptual Physics: Students took a quiz on Chapter 13 (Generators and Diodes).