Day 159: Scientific Posters

Collin Purrington’s advice for designing a scientific poster:

College-Prep Physics: All the 12th graders seemed to have come down with a case of the “senior flu” today, so the juniors put together proposals for their final projects. The final project is similar to their midterm — design and conduct a controlled experiment that looks for relationship(s) between variables.  Hopefully, I will see growth in their lab skills.

Instead of a writing their results in a report or PowerPoint, I think I’m going to have the kids make a scientific poster. We’ll hang them in the hallway so that they’ll have an audience beyond just me. A neat idea would be to have QR codes on the poster that could take readers to a video of the experiment or a document containing all their nitty-gritty data and analysis.

Though I’ll concede I might be dreaming a bit too big on this poster thing.

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