Day 163: Scientific Poster Template

College-Prep and Conceptual Physics: Students will be reporting the results of their self-designed lab experiments in the form of a scientific poster. I made this mock-up during my prep periods today. It’s based on Colin Purrington’s design, but scaled down to fit standard 22″x28″ posterboard that you can buy at your favorite office supply store. Of course, students are free to use the poster as they see fit, but I split the poster area into 8 sections for easy planning, printing, and pasting. The Word template has the appropriate margins and prints with a dotted line around the margins for easy cutting: PosterTemplate22x28.

Also, I had two great conversations with a few students today about their projects. In short, I don’t want them to just document the end result. I also want them to tell me about any trouble/glitches that arose in their original design and what/how/why they modified it. For example, the student who was watching watercolors dry wasn’t noticing any difference between adding 1 drop, 2 drops, 3 drops, and 4 drops of water to the base paint. We decided that perhaps a delta of 1 drop wasn’t enough to make a difference. Maybe 5? He’ll try again on Monday. — > That is what I really value. The thinking and creativity behind experimental design. I want their posters to reflect that, rather than look like they knew exactly what to do and followed it perfectly and got flawless data.

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