Day 166: The Most Boring Lab Ever?

Conceptual Physics: This student is literally watching paint dry. He’s looking to see if more watered-down watercolors take longer to dry. The columns represent the number of drops of water added to the base paint (3, 6, 9, 12 drops). The rows represent the 3 different trials he’s performing for each. The numbers to left of each square is the drying time.


About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

One response to “Day 166: The Most Boring Lab Ever?”

  1. Todd Miller (@Quilbilly124) says :

    I enjoy your daily posts. I teach physical science, physics, and materials science and at various times I have assigned them “the most boring lab ever” They start with a block of ice and melt and then boil it. While this is a common lab to graph temperature during phase change, I put more emphasis on careful observation because how many kids ever actually watch water boil? Not too many in my experience, but they call this the most boring lab, so be it but they also remember it.


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