Day 169: Teacher iPads

IMAG2345-1Last Friday, I received an iPad as part of a pilot to eventually have all district teachers equipped with a personal device for professional use. So, to all the iPad-toting teachers out there: How do you use your iPad? How has it enhanced your teaching? What apps do you find essential to your practice?



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10 responses to “Day 169: Teacher iPads”

  1. Fran Poodry (@MsPoodry) says :

    I use Notability all the time! I put seating charts on it to take attendance, I take photos of lab groupings, I take notes, I check off completed work, and I love it. It saves everything on the iPad, so it is not a problem that my district doesn’t allow access to Evernote or other “cloud storage” other than Google Docs. I also like Planbook, and if I remember to sync at home I have all my lesson plans right in my hand at any time.

    • Frank Noschese says :

      Thanks, Fran! Our district pre-installed Notability for us. I’ve still gotta figure out how to use it. Evernote came pre-installed, too. Thankfully, Evernote is not blocked at school. That’s how I did my “evidence binder” for my evaluation!

  2. cgoedde says :

    I use Notability a lot as well. I use it mainly to annotate PDFs that I then post to our LMS. So if the students are doing a worksheet, I can work it (or some of it) in class for discussion (hook iPad up to projector), then finish it up after class to post. I use the Dropbox integration for this.

    I also use the Calendar a lot (tied in to our exchange server here) to make appointments with students. This has been very handy, more than I would have expected.

  3. David Wees says :

    You’ll probably want to look into Algodoo (see for a desktop download), Move the Turtle, Vernier Video Physics, and Crayon Physics as some potential apps to play with. I also think that Explain Everything and Paper 53 are very useful.

  4. paul shircliff says :

    It is a calculator, a graphing calculator ( with web access), it is a camera to document work, a video camera for tutorials, explaineverything is a whiteboarding app for creating tutorials, students liked various roller coaster apps when we studied those concepts, take notes in evernote or just google docs, a blogging device, internet research, easy screenshots….i like my students to use it more than i use it because i want them to create learning and document it

  5. Megan Hayes-Golding says :

    Doceri is a pretty sweet app for projecting with your own handwriting (an interactive whiteboard, which I know you love) as well as recording. That last part is pretty sweet. Here’s one I recorded live in class:

    • Frank Noschese says :

      Are you using a stylus? My projector is connected to a PC desktop. Is that OK, or does it require a Mac? Thanks, Megan!

      • Megan Hayes-Golding says :

        No stylus necessary, though I did make a homebrew one out of some conductive foam and an old mechanical pencil barrel. I did, however, find it much easier to write if I put the iPad down on a desk or lab table first. Writing while walking is waaaay too complicated for me.

        The Doceri on the iPad connects over WiFi to whatever desktop you’re running. PC or Mac (heck, even Linux) are ok. As long as you can get on the WiFi, you can connect to your desktop. Doceri even has a really cool way of using QR codes for just this purpose.

  6. Steve Dickie says :

    You might also want to get Reflector (runs on your computer) It allows you to mirror your iPad display on your Computer screen and by extension your projector.

    Ubersense is a great app. It was designed for coaching sports, but we use it to freeze time. You can capture video of an event (say carts with hoops crashing into each other for N3) and then easily play it back frame by frame.

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