Day 175: All the Julia Sets!


AP Physics C: A student used pygame, a python-based programming language, to make this animated gif of a series Julia Sets. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Here’s the how the c values progress to make the sets:

c = (-1-i); c = (-1-0.9i);  c = (-1-0.8i); … c = (-1+i)
c = (-0.9-i); c = (-0.9-0.9i); … c = (-0.9+i)
c = (-0.8-i); c = (-0.8-0.9i); … c = (-0.8+i)

c = (1-i); c = (1-0.9i); … c = (1+i)

He posted his project on GitHub:

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One response to “Day 175: All the Julia Sets!”

  1. Ben Trube says :

    I liked your progression of Julias. I have been considering trying something similar but instead of transitioning linearly, I’d like to follow the Julias that relate to coordinates on the “border” of the Mandelbrot set. Still working on the best calculation and ordering algorithm. Nice simple clean animation.

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