Day 177: No More Microwave Experiments, Please!

20130620-215418.jpgCollege-Prep Physics: In looking back over the projects from the midterm and the final, I’m going to be placing some additional restrictions on projects next year:

  • No microwaves
  • No baking
  • No experiments you were capable of doing back middle or elementary school
  • No “Do heavy objects fall faster?” because we already did that in class
  • No objects rolling down ramps to see which rolls faster

Essentially, the project will have to be something they were only capable of doing this year because the project utilizes either:

  • new data collection techniques (e.g., video analysis, Vernier probes, etc.)
  • new physics concepts (e.g., calculating energies, analyzing momentum, etc.)

Hopefully, this will raise the bar for the projects. I want to simultaneously engage my kids in scientific inquiry AND see the world through a new lens by using their new physics tools and concepts.


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