Day 7: First SBG Quiz

2hBJNYANSEPPS0Q8gWLadCWd (1)AP Physics C: Last Friday my AP students took their first quiz. After the quiz, we immediately went over it and students left themselves feedback with red pens. Today, I returned the quizzes with a chart attached (pictured) and we discussed the grading system for this year.

Instead of grading the quiz by assigning points, I took the above chart and highlighted the learning goals that were met as evidenced by a student’s answers.

The chart is broken into three levels, and each level has several learning objectives. On subsequent quizzes, students will be able to show knowledge of the learning goals they may have missed the first time around.

On this quiz, there are no learning goals for Level III yet. Level III goals usually require application of more than one concept and/or problems that have little to no scaffolding.

[NOTE: We are using the Matter and Interactions text, which is a bit non-traditional when it comes to mechanics. Also, I’m going to be jumping around in the text in my own non-traditional way AND also supplementing heavily with old AP questions.]


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