Day 38: Who Wins at Tug of War?


College-Prep Physics: Alice and Bob are playing tug of war. Based on our study of tension, we know the tension in the rope is the same throughout, which means the pull on both Alice and Bob will always be equal. So then how does anyone win at tug of war?

What would happen if Alice was on roller skates (or my rolling chair) instead? What if Alice and Bob were both on skates? Or on ice?

Then we watched several tug of war videos. Does the losing team go flying forwards due to the pull of the rope or does something else happen?

(We watched just the first match in the above video)

Why is tug of war so difficult on a slip-n-slide? How does the person on the the right cheat?



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2 responses to “Day 38: Who Wins at Tug of War?”

  1. Mr. Kremer says :

    These videos are amazing! I’ve never heard of such of thing, but it looks like people take it pretty seriously.

    Love the flat shoes on the ground in the second video!!

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