Day 45: Jump Up Mini-Lab


AP Physics C: The Matter and Interactions curriculum has students analyze scenarios using two different systems: the “real” system and the “point-particle system.” Yesterday, we looked at the two pucks demo, which is a great introduction to this type of analysis. Today, students are doing a mini-lab in which they use these two different systems, along with the Energy Principle, to analyze a jump from a crouching position. The jump has 3 distinct points — at rest in crouching position, the instant when the jumper is about to start losing contact with the floor, and the instant when the jumper has reached maximum height above the floor.

Students ultimately determine:

  • the decrease in internal energy of the jumper
  • the speed at which the jumper leaves the floor
  • the average force the floor exerts on the jumper
  • the time the jumper is in contact with the floor

Here’s a copy of the handout (written by Matter and Interactions authors Chabay and Sherwood): JumpMinilab S2005


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