Day 52: Mini-Whiteboard Review Game





College-Prep Physics: We played a game to review for tomorrow’s quiz of friction. Each student got a mini-whiteboard and marker. I compiled a series of multiple choice questions from old Regents exams and projected them one question at a time. Students worked with their lab groups, though every student was required to respond to each question on their whiteboards. Each correct answer on the team earned the team 1 point. Teams did not have to come to an to an agreement on an answer — dissenters were allowed. Sometimes, for tricky questions, the dissenters were the only ones who earned points for their team.

The points are used for our ongoing Physics Olympics. The individuals on the winning team get 100 Olympic points. The others get points as follows: Olympic points = (team score)/(winning team score) x 100

Did you know Google has a built in timer? (You can see it counting down in the second photo.) Just search for “timer” and the time you want.

I compiled old Regents questions from:

We originally had clickers with software that had Regents questions and a Jeopardy have built in. That was my original plan for today, but the software wasn’t installed on the computers after the upgrade this past summer. I actually like the whiteboards better. It wasn’t hard to keep score, plus there was no login time, etc. I also got to immediately see which kids got questions right/wrong in real time — something that’s difficult (if not impossible) with clickers.


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2 responses to “Day 52: Mini-Whiteboard Review Game”

  1. John Burk says :

    What are the physics olympics? Have you posted on this before?

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