Day 56: Formative Assessment with Mini-Whiteboards


College-Prep Physics: Introduced the motion detector and position-time graphs today. Students used the mini-whiteboards to predict the graph shapes for various fast/slow buggy scenarios.

Also great discussion about how the slopes on forwards and backwards buggies compare. Typical predictions included inverse, negative, and negative reciprocal.





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HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

2 responses to “Day 56: Formative Assessment with Mini-Whiteboards”

  1. Andy Fitz says :

    Do you do the units in the same order that the modeling curriculum presents them?

    • Frank Noschese says :

      No. Originally I did, but then I’ve changed things up in recent years. For forces and motion, I usually do CVPM, BFPM, CAPM, and UBFPM. One year I did momentum first. Last year I did energy first. This year I’m doing an extended BFPM using Preconceptions in Mechanics materials, then CVPM and CAPM, then back to UBFPM.

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