Day 65: Mini-Poster Presentations


College-Prep Physics: Today the students presented their mini-posters to each other. Rather than having each group present to the whole class, I had students rotate through the posters “speed dating” style. Each student got to present their poster to a small group of peers, with the groups rotating through the posters. Students also had to fill out an anonymous evaluation for each poster: Experimental Design Poster Checklist 2014. Presentations/evaluations lasted 5 minutes each with 30 seconds to rotate to the next poster.


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2 responses to “Day 65: Mini-Poster Presentations”

  1. sjwhiteley says :

    Have thought about doing this. Your post just might give me the nudge to plan for it in the 2nd half of the year. Thanks as always!

  2. Leah Segal says :

    This sounds like a great idea! Whenever I think about student presentations I also think about the rest of the class and worry that they’ll be bored and not engaged. This seems like a way for all the students to be actively involved for more of the time.

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