Day 5: Buggy Lab


College-Prep Physics: Data collection for the buggy lab today!

“How far do toy buggies travel?”

“It depends.”

“It depends on what?”

“If there’s obstacles in the way, how much time the buggy is turned on for, how fast the buggy is, how charged the batteries are, friction, etc.”

Design an experiment to determine how time affects how far each toy buggy travels.

(a) Make a pictorial representation of your experimental design.

(b) Make a table of your data.

(c) Plot your data on a graph.

(d) Determine the equation of the trendline.


NGSS Science & Engineering Practice 3: Planning and Carrying Out Investigations



About Frank Noschese

HS Physics Teacher constantly questioning my teaching.

2 responses to “Day 5: Buggy Lab”

  1. Jennine Lupo says :

    Hi Frank,
    I’m running this lab with a Tumblebuggy & a spring loaded car. We previously collected data by hand and plotted JUST the Tumblebuggy alone, then in a different lab used motion detector & a spring loaded cart on Labquest tablets. Now I’d like to bring those skills together and have kids predict collision point for a constant velocity object and an accelerating object.

    My trepidations include…
    1. Spring cars will be broken while taking pre-trial data prior to collision runs – three pretrials, one run, five classes.
    2. Students will be fatigued by too much data to stay engaged.
    3. I’m expecting too much at this point in the school year. We’ve covered acceleration, learned and practiced the big four kinematics equations, modeled the hell out of multiple constant velocity objects, reviewed slope equation for parabolic expressions/quadratics.

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