Archive | October 7, 2014

Day 23: Bowling Ball Debrief

College-Prep Physics: Today we discussed scenarios 1-5 from the bowling ball and mallet activity. I like discussing the similarities and differences between Scenarios #1 and #2, and between #3 and #4. Often times kids will hit the bowling ball once to start/stop it, so asking for gentle taps is a great way to see even tiny forces can eventually yield high speeds or bring an object to a stop.

Scenario #5 always brings up debate about the effects of friction, and if scenario #1 and #5 should look the same or different. So we quickly determined if a rolling bowling ball maintained a constant speed once set in motion. Then we¬†played with the hoverdiscs and rode the hovercraft. We’ll finish with scenarios #6-8 tomorrow.


NGSS Science and Engineering Practice #2: Developing and Using Models