Day 43: Planboard


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Today was a quiz day in College-Prep Physics. In AP, we looked at some old AP problems on drag forces, then introduced them to writing and solving differential equations. Nothing terribly photo worthy.

So I’ll share Planboard, an online lesson planning tool that I’ve found to be the best out there. It can handle our rotating schedule. You can set “off days” (holidays, snow days, etc). You can bump lessons ahead a day. You can copy/paste and drag/drop images into plans and then resize the image. Pasting a YouTube link automatically embeds the movie into the lesson plan. You can attach files to plans. There is no fixed template for each lesson plan — I love the fact that it’s free form — though you can make your own templates to use if you want. It has class, daily, weekly, and monthly view options. You can email lessons, export to PDF, or get an unlisted link to share lessons with others. You can add standards to lessons, too.

I’ve tried keeping paper lesson plan books in the past, but usually stopped after a month or so. Planboard has been the first lesson planner I’ve used for the entire year. I highly recommend it!



About Frank Noschese

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One response to “Day 43: Planboard”

  1. Crawford Heisz (@heisznation) says :

    Great recommendation!
    I have been using Evernote for the past 2 years to plan every class, but this is far easier visually — and makes it easy to see if you’ve got your week fully planned yet…

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