Day 47: Astronomy Social Media Project


Astronomy: We’ve been using the activity-based text “Investigating Astronomy” for our semester-long astronomy elective. Each unit ends with a project. For the Earth-Moon-Sun System unit, the project is to make a calendar, with each month about a particular Earth-Sun-Moon phenomena. I decided to spice it up a bit by having kids assume the role of an Educational Outreach and Social Media manager for an astronomical organization. They had to choose a social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, etc.) and create 8 tweets/posts/vines/videos etc, one for each specific phenomena. They were not allowed to copy/paste pictures off the internet. They had to draw their own pictures or model the phenomena in a photograph. The results were due today and some were pretty cool. Some groups made fake tweets (see picture). One group was inspired by Veritasium and made their own “interview” videos (I can’t share the video online because I don’t have permission of everyone interviewed in video). Here’s the project details:

Unit Challenge: Astronomy Social Media

  1. What is the scale of the E-S-M system?
  2. How does the sun rotate?
  3. How does the moon rotate?
  4. What causes the moon phases?
  5. What causes a solar eclipse?
  6. What causes a lunar eclipse?
  7. How does Earth go through phases?
  8. What was the importance of the lunar cycle in ancient cultures?
  • Each post/tweet/etc. must have a model to illustrate the concept.
  • This model may be photos of a physical model (preferred) or a diagram you create. You may NOT copy/paste images directly from the internet, books, etc.

NGSS Science and Engineering Practices
#8. Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

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One response to “Day 47: Astronomy Social Media Project”

  1. Ryan says :

    Love the idea. Which textbook are you using? I found one called “Investigating Astronomy” by Slater and Freedman, is that the same one? If so, where are these projects at the end of units

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