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Day 149: Angular Size


College-Prep Physics: Looking at the graphs from yesterday’s activity relating angular size to size/distance ration, we saw that it’s a proportional relationship, though the slopes varied between 50 and 80. Much of the variation had to do with estimations, eye-balling, and compounding errors. So we derived the relationship using circle geometry:


Then we put the relation to use, determining the angular sizes of the sun and moon during an annular eclipse, the size of the Earth as seen from the moon, and the size and distances of nebulas and galaxies. Handout: Angular Size Homework 2013 (adapted in part from this).

Conceptual Physics: Chapter 14 quiz on series and parallel circuits. Bike light projects to start next week.

AP Physics C: E&M multiple choice practice questions. Monday is the AP exam! #fingerscrossed

Day 148: Clicker Review Game

Conceptual Physics:
 We played a review game using clickers from Eduware. We chose Eduware clickers because they have test banks of old Regents Exam questions and come with several different games (Jeopardy, Racing, and Tug-of-War). That’s really the only good things about the system. Using it as a traditional clicker system with Powerpoint is awkward, as is generating questions on the fly. Even though our school dropped the giving the Regents Exam in physics, I still use the software and clickers from time to time.

College-Prep Physics: Students determined the relationship between angular size and size/distance ratio. Handout: A Handy Measuring Tool Part 2 Angular Size

AP Physics C: Mechanics multiple choice review.