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Day 136: The Cheesiness Index



College-Prep Physics: We did the following invention task in preparation for understanding light intensity.

You work in a pizzeria. The pizza cheese comes in pre-portioned bags. Below are the recipes for making different pizzas:

  • 12″ round – 1 bag of cheese
  • 14″ round – 2 bags of cheese
  • 16″ round – 3 bags of cheese
  • 12″ x 12″ rectangular – 1 bag of cheese
  • 12″ x 16″ rectangular – 2 bags of cheese
  • 12″ x 20″ rectangular – 3 bags of cheese

Rank the pizzas from most cheesy to least cheesy. Explain your reasoning.

Invent a way to calculate the “cheesy-ness index” of any pizza.

You can read more about Invention Tasks and Preparation for Future Learning here.



Conceptual Physics: Used PhET circuits simulation to explain how to to interpret current and voltage vs. time graphs for AC circuits. Drew snapshots of how the electrons were moving (speed, direction) at different points in time. Used a bi-color LED plugged into the wall outlet to show household circuits are AC. When the LED is at rest, it looks orange. When you twirl it, you can see it actually the LED alternates between red and green, depending on which direction the current is flowing. Ended with closer look at PhET Faraday simulation to see connection between how the magnet moves (toward/away, N-pole/S-pole) and the direction of the induced current.