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Day 53: Bike Wheel Direct Measurement Video


AP Physics C: I had to leave early today, so AP Physics students practiced their rotational motion problem solving using this direct measurement video. Click picture above to view video (QuickTime).

Here’s the lab handout. (It is focused on rotational kinematics and energy because we haven’t done torque and Newton’s Second Law for Rotation yet.): LAB DMV Bike Wheel Energy 2015 (word)

NGSS Science and Engineering Practices:
#4. Analyzing and interpreting data
#5. Using mathematics and computational thinking

Day 21: Highlights This Week

Today is a quiz day, so I’ll share 2 other things we did this week.

AP Physics C: Students designed their own experiments to determine Young’s Modulus for 3 different types of marshmallows: store-brand jumbo marshmallow, store-brand regular marshmallows, and Jet Puff marshmallows.


College-Prep Physics: We did another speed of sound lab using a Direct Measurement Video called Keeping Time.

Students took data, used Desmos to create a position-time graph for the sound to travel down the line of kids, and fit a trend line to the data to determine the speed of sound.


Not bad!

NGSS Science and Engineering Practice #3: Planning and Carrying Out Investigations
NGSS Science and Engineering Practice #4: Analyzing and Interpreting Data