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Day 131: Describing How the Bike Light Generator Works


Conceptual Physics: Students finished the electromagnetic induction activity from yesterday and then used their findings to explain how a bike light generator works. Pictured is a dismantled bike light generator. On the left, you can see that the rotor’s round magnet actually has multiple N and S poles around its circumference. This surprised a few students who expected the poles to be on the circular faces of the round magnet. On the right, you see the copper coil of the stator.

College-Prep Physics: In one half of the block, we watched Cosmic Voyage (movie questions). In the other half , one class had groups present their scale models while the other class worked on blog post reflections about their scale models.

Day 130: Can a Magnetic Field Produce a Current?

Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab

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Conceptual Physics:
Students experimented with a PhET simulation on electromagnetic induction. This was an activity that I created, which is strongly-based on a similar activity from Eugenia Etkina’s Active Physics Guide. You can download a copy here: Job 12.5A EM Induction PhET 2013

College-Prep Physics: Students wrapped up their scale models. One class got to present their models. The other class will present tomorrow.