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Day 142: How Many Loops?

IMAG2120AP Physics C: In preparing for a lab on Faraday’s Law, I found a whole bunch of old wire coils. But I don’t know how many loops of wire are in each coil. So I turned the lab into a two-parter and first had the students design an experiment to determine the number of loops in the coil. Students used magnetic field sensors, ammeters, and rulers to collect data. Looks like the class average will be around 350 loops.

IMAG2124College-Prep Physics: Students wrapped up their size of the sun lab from yesterday, worked on a WebAssign about light and gravity. And since it was sunny again, I set up the telescope with solar filter so we could look at sunspots live and in person.

Conceptual Physics:┬áDiscussed results from the virtual diode lab and reviewed for tomorrow’s quiz on Chapter 13.

BONUS: Our professional portfolios were due today. I did mine completely online using Evernote. It was really easy, especially with a smartphone. You can see it here: http://bit.ly/appr2013noschese