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Day 165: Boomwhackers and Helium

IMAG2312-1-1College-Prep Physics: A student is investigating pitch vs. tube length for Boomwhackers. The pitch (frequency, in hertz) is measured with a Vernier microphone and FFT analysis in LoggerPro. Yesterday he did it for air-filled boomwhackers with an end-cap. Today he’s repeating the experiment using boomwhackers with helium. Will there be a difference?

Day 153: Frequency, Wavelength, and Toy Buggies

College-Prep Physics: Used the long slinky to generate discussion about how we might make the waves travel faster down the slinky. That lead into a dissucssion about frequency, wavelength, wave source, and wave medium. Then students used constant speed buggies, adding machine tape, markers, rulers, and a metronome app on their phones to experimentally determine the relationship between frequency and wavelength. (Sorry, I’m reposting the video from last year.) Also showed this I Love Lucy clip:

Conceptual Physics: Students finished building and testing their modified bike light circuits and began making their final annotated circuit diagrams.

AP Physics C: All but one student was taking the AP Macroeconomics exam today. We’ll finish reading Arcadia tomorrow.