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Day 152: Interference of Light

College-Prep Physics: Tied our observations of yesterday’s slinky wave interference to water wave interference and then to light interference. Showed this totally awesome Veritasium video about Young’s original double slit experiment (done with sunlight).

AP Physics C: Continued reading Stoppard’s Arcadia. In the video, Stoppard reads 2 of my favorite scenes from the play.

Conceptual Physics: Students finished building and testing their modified bike light circuits.

Day 150: Design Phase (Modified Bike Light Circuit)


IMAG2187-1Conceptual Physics: Students began drafting the initial design for their modified bike light generator circuits. It’s really a combination of 3 circuits:

  • A generator-battery circuit that recharges the battery while pedaling.
  • A generator-bulb circuit that lights the headlight and taillight while pedaling.
  • A battery-bulb circuit that lights the headlight and taillight when not pedaling.


College-Prep Physics: Double slit with laser pointer demo to begin wave model of light. Knowing how light behaves will help use decode the light we observe from stars and galaxies. Used this slide that has multiple slits and gratings on it:


It’s really old. Here’s what it says at the top (click to embiggen):


Also showed this AWESOME movie of interference in a pond:

AP Physics C: Today was the AP exam. One student showed up to class this morning, even though the exam didn’t start until noon.